R.I.P Dapo Osewa (DapXin).. Sleep on, brother..

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Sometimes i still tell myself, Dapxin is gonna come back in two days.. ok?

“If you got dreams in your eyes, why don’t you share it.. and if your dreams don’t come true soon, I will help you clear a path and pray with you.. life is short, work hard, eat well, rest well, you are going to need your guts..” .. A summary of Dapxin’s lovable mindset..


Dapo Osewa.. a rare gem… a genius mind..

We shared late nights, using workstation CPUs without casings.. We mastered Windows-NT and Windows-XP backdoors, we learnt fruityLoops6, we mastered MacromediaFlashMX with the trails of knowledge you blazed down for us.. Leading us ahead.. Our inspiration pack-leader was a master.. and now he is gone.. but he left something in us.. he taught us that “impossible is nothing”…

I will miss you Dapo, the whole world will miss you, AllOfUs@chronosstudeos will miss you, the codes you wrote, the dreams you inspired.. we all have good memories of you.. You might have gone, but your admin page & passwords on this blogsite remains..

chronos studeos autodesk design competition 2011 (he gave us the inspiration and logistics that made this happen)

He was a great man.. a Hero.. Honour him..

Kindly drop a comment below.. and put your name too.. Thanks.

It was a great experience fighting alongside you, soldier.. You left us early.. Goodnite brother.. God grant you rest.. and we will meet again.. we surely will.. someday.. *doffs hat** – Hassan Cortex Anifowose

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Hassan Cortex Anifowose

Hassan is the co-founder of Chronos Studeos, where he works as an Architect and Animation Supervisor. He has since been an active contributor to the visualization industry in Nigeria on a large scale. His work "SOHO Living for Urban professionals made it to the 2nd stage of the World architecture News (WAN) awards in December 2012. He is the brain behind 'Creative Architects', a cross platform event which allows idea propagation between tech-driven architects.


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