The CAD Symposium


I have been eager to share the results of the competition we organized this month.. The schedules have been so dense as we have had to keep a tab on our studeo works without losing focus on the other things by the side. With the deadline nearing on 31st January, we had received entries from participants in our competition mailbox until online submissions closed by midnight on February 1st.

It was even more thrilling to meet some guys submitting their entries at the department of Architecture on February 4th… the energy.. the passion.. they rendered images and compiled them.. amidst their tight schedules..

chronos cad symposium flyer

The next day.. February 5th, was for the  symposium. The event started and the hall was filled even before the programme kicked off. At 11am, approx 390 students had taken their seats.. faces lit with giant smiles.. eager to see what we had to teach & showcase.. they wanted to see new stuff. Everyone appeared to be calm, but excitement was written allover their faces. Then the guests started arriving, the lecturers, Head of department and the Deputy Vice Chancellor were in attendance too.

Right about then, Lanre Ejuwa, Chronos’ social media consultant kicked in on the tweets.. relaying the event live on our twitter timeline @chronosstudeos

chronos studeos tweet_timeline1

Here, are a few random pictures from the event showcasing the winners and speakers.


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  • shehu ibrahim Reply

    Hoping you will hold 1 in abuja.

    February 2, 2014 at 7:29 pm
    • hassancortex Reply

      Hi Shehu.. Thanks for reading through. We look forward to being in Abuja too. However, University of Abuja does not offer architecture courses so we are still trying to reconsider the architecture community in the city. You will get constant updates from our blog if you enter your email in the sidebar to subscribe in the DON’T MISS FRESH POSTS bar.

      February 17, 2014 at 8:17 pm

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