The making of Fly-Roof Towers (Chronos Studeos Official Release)

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Design: Chronos Studeos

Visualization: Chronos Studeos

Date: July 2011 – Sept. 2011

Project Information

On 8th September, 2011, the fly-roof towers design was unveiled at a prime presentation. The award-winning fly-roof towers design was conceptualized around the live+work+play ideology, with sustainability and energy efficiency in focus as wind-harvesting and sun-shading were the reasons behind its shape and trim.

Designed to imply dominance as a landmark & also emphasize stylish living along the shorelines of Lagos Island, Nigeria, the fly-roof towers is a mixed use development consisting of 920 workstation units, 86 luxury apartments, 185 parking spaces, 10 service floors, 30floors in each tower approx 95 floors in all, 4multi-level parking stories 6 panoramic glass sky-bridges, cabling chases, passenger and service lift shafts, firemen lifts, sky observatories and many more.

A series of sketch workflow images are being showcased here to take you through the composition of the building. In a statement by london-based Architect Blake Jordan, he described the fly-roof towers as “a piece to behold, projected in precast concrete, steel columns & girders, glass, composite floors, wooden pergolas”.

Click on each image to view its high-resolution format. Watch this blog as the Chronos team shall upload a blog-post of the final renders soon.

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