Step 1: Becoming a 3D visualization pro

Software.. Hardware.. Operating systems.. Have you tried shopping for groceries with a list written out on paper?.. Now have you also tried shopping on a separate day without that shopping list? Do you feel the difference..? You spend more time moving around the shelves trying to figure out what you need when you do not have a shopping list.. right? The same strategy applies to purchasing software or hardware for your CAD usage. It is extremely important that you know what your software requirement is, your hardware requirement and those purchases that fall within your budget so you can head straight to the right shelf and grab the stuffs you need to get you going.

01. Knowing your software

Software are constantly changing and so also, are their requirements. It is important to know the software useful for your field of work in order to fully explore their potentials. Knowing that various software vary in their usage, you should pay attention to what makes your works done in the most efficient and outstanding way. Although Google Sketchup, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Revit, and TurboCAD etc are useful in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry, they all have shown over time, that they differ in product quality and output. These varying usages also amount to their varying hardware requirements.

02. Knowing your hardware

Your computer hardware goes a long way to determine how much work you can get done with your CAD software. A lot of us know that the higher your configuration (processor and memory), the better your PC performance. You should check your manufacturer’s website to see details about your PC. You may need you to check some of the following when purchasing a workstation and read about how much of them you need.

  • RAM (On-board memory)
  • Processor Speed
  • Graphics Card
  • Battery type

If you need more details on what to look out for when purchasing your workstation, please click “choosing a workstation” to see a detailed description. You will be glad you did. As a professional who models furniture, your PC requirements may not be as demanding as another, who specializes in city modelling.. you see the difference?

03. Know the common/easy-to-purchase applications

You probably live in a city, where you have access to a large software market. You probably have friends, colleagues or mentors who do practically what you wish to do in your industry. Have you taken time to ask about what common software helps them to achieve their tasks? Have you bothered knowing where to easily get these software and their upgrade versions as soon as they are released. Have you spoken to a software vendor to know what software everyone is buying and why? You may need to start asking questions in order to save yourself from purchase mistakes and then, you can rightly place yourself ready to become a master in your usage and application of CAD.

Knowing these, now you are ready to move on to the next stage.

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