Step 2: Becoming a 3D visualization pro

In the last post, we talked about knowing your software and hardware requirements, and also knowing how and where to purchase the commonly used applications.  So, while writing this, we assume that you have your PC/workstation, your CAD software installed and you are ready to hit the road to mastering your CAD skills.




In this post, you will learn how to begin your journey by taking some 3 precious steps. These steps will help you shine a far light on your destination before you begin your journey.

01. Know what needs to be done

Just as our everyday tasks can get easier or more complex, it is important to know what you want to do from inception. Striking a balance between your client’s expectations and your own capability can be a bit tricky. How about making a list of deliverables and working towards them.. a couple of aerial views, exterior shots, animations, interior renderings, dusk or dawn scenes. State them clearly, just the way an animator has loads of sketches and storyboards to work with. It really simplifies your task.

02. Visualize your end product

Whether you are working to achieve really detailed interior renderings or simple 2D presentation floor plans, it is important to have a clear mental picture of what you want your final work to look like. Grab a couple of mentor images from the internet. Questions like “what story do you want to tell..?” should run through your mind. Do you want your viewers to appreciate a pool-side view.. What camera views are appropriate for telling your story? If you were creating visualization for a city, how best do you want your skyscrapers to look? How much details do you need? Try to picture a scene from a movie.. look up your archive of inspirational 3Ds. Right after you have a clear picture in your head, proceed to the next step.

03. Work in a team

The power of a team should not be underestimated. Working in a team can help you achieve more results and even in a shorter time. The team involves every person, his expertise and responsibilities while allowing for quicker and better solutions to problems from a variety of opinions and ideas on a project. Imagine Disney, with its artists, scene compositors, sound engineers, rigging professionals and their cutting edge technology which ultimately makes them a leading name in the animation industry. It is important to work in a team because a major advantage it gives you is an increase in success rate.

Knowing all these, let us proceed to the next step

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