Step 3: Becoming a 3D visualization pro

chronos studeos cad tips cWelcome to another page of our step-by-step approach to becoming a 3D visualization pro. In our previous step we discussed about how important it is, to understand your task, to be able to visualize your end product and ultimately how working in a team can increase your productivity. This post is even juiced-up with quicker steps to help you reach your desired skill level in 3D visualization.



 In this post, you will learn why you should get an outline (sometimes written) of the resources you will need to achieve your end results. In fact, you will see direct links to some libraries which you will find useful for your works.


01. Your model library/materials/meshes

Your interpretation of what needs to be done is direct because you have a clear vision of what you wish that your end result looks like. Giving examples from our past experiences, a grassy scene, an ocean atmosphere, a built-up city skyline or whatever it is you are thinking, must be properly backed up by searching for the right tools, plugins, model libraries etc. For a grassy scene, you will need high quality grass. Now if you are looking for free models, why not go to google and type in “free download high quality grass model”.. This is one of the simplest steps of building your library. Now your result takes you to a series of places where free downloads are offered, one of which is 3dmentor.ru

Try the same process for textures and even more complex models of cities, textures, sample scenes, 3D furniture, plugins etc. You can find more free stuff on

Vray materials

Vismat material collections

Plugins from cgpersia

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chronos cad tips

 02. Downloading tutorials to achieve new tasks

Truth is that, you probably won’t be the first person to look for what you intend looking for. You can choose to be specific on what you are looking for, e.g. “lighting an interior scene in 3dsmax” or you can even go wide i.e. “3d lighting and animation tips” and see the endless knowledge you can grab on-the-go from webpages and tutorial videos. Here are a couple of links to get you started.

Using vray materials

Lighting using HDRI and Vray Sun

Old style rendering

03. Sketch.. Design.. Visualize

Sketching helps you to quickly explore concepts and weigh your design options. Within minutes, you can run through multiple ideas and reach a quick decision on the presentation of such ideas. Elements of your initial sketch are most likely to be found in your final works.

olumide oshikoya sketch

Image credits: Olumide Oshikoya, Visualizer at Chronos Studeos, see his profile here

Our next guide shows you in detail how to achieve the sketch, design and visualize process with great ease. You can subscribe to our website feed in order to get our next post dropped in your mail.

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